Transmit industrial interfaces (RS232, CAN, ..) over WiFi

Avisaro industrial Wi-Fi products are designed to transport data from a machine or sensor wirlessly. Wi-Fi is the most widely spread technology for wireless data transport. Avisaro implements this technolgy targeted for industrial applications. 

In particular, interfaces such as RS232, CAN, RS485 and current loop 4..20mA are made wirelessy. Data are packed into commonly used TCP or UDP/IP packets, yet using special Avisaro technologies to maintain the original behaviour of the interface. Because commonly used network standards are used, company wide network infrastructur and even the internet can be used for data transport.


  • Wireless cable replacement
  • Redirect interfaces to PC or Tablet
  • SmartPhone and Tablet applications
  • Wireless M2M, IoT


  • Production / Industry
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Medical
  • Research and development
  • Auto / Maritim / rail technology
  • Logistics, retail and distribution


  • RS232 / V.24
  • CAN
  • RS485
  • 4...20mA


  • Flexible protocol conversion
  • Read Sensor data
  • Store and forward
  • Connection managment
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