GPS receiver (geographic location, altitude, time, ..)

The Avisaro "Cube" series products can be equipped with a GPS receiver. It is installed internally - avoiding the need for an external antenna. Position, altitude, speed and very accurate time data are available. Available with in limits also for the Avisaro "Box" product series.

With this GPS option, system data from a CAN bus, RS232 interface or other can be combined with position and altitude. In most cases, an individual adaption is required to implement the proper formating on how the combined information is stored on SD memory card. This adjustment is done with the documented scripting language - and can be done by yourself or can be contracted to Avisaro AG.

GPS receiver with build-in patch antenna and u-blox 6 GPS & GALILEO Super Sense ® GPS chipset is used. Other receivers available upon request.

Product versions

Art.No. Z23011 for Avisaro "Cube" series (link: <Shop>)

This option is available only in conjunction with the order of an Avisaro 2.0 Cube product. The device is shipped mounted in the Cube ready-to-go.

Please note that not all product option combinations are possible.


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