Wi-Fi box with two RS232 interfaces (WAGO terminals)

This wireless box transmits RS232 data via WLAN. There are two strands using the WAGO terminals are connected. The device can send and receive data. It is delivered fully operational.The device has a real time clock, so that the records can be provided with the storage time. By changing the script, the device can be programmed.


The Avisaro wireless device transmits your technical data via WLAN

  • Transmission and receiving by wireless
  • Programmable
  • Timestamp functionality
  • Individual configuration of the transmission interval
  • Easy configuration via Administation Goals surface via WLAN

 LAN Version

Version with LAN Interface 

Product versions

Art.No. W25833: 2xRS232 with WLAN (link: <Shop>)

Art.No. C25833: with slot for SD cards, wireless WiFi access in addition (link: <Shop>)

Art.No. W2R933: 1xRS232 with Ethernet and WLAN (link: <Shop>)


RS232 Schnittstelle

  • Industrie standard RS232-Schnittstelle(n)
  • Baudrate 1200 bit/s bis 1 Mbit/s
  • Durchschnittliche Verarbeitungsrate max. 500 kbit/s
  • 7/8 Datenbits, Parität, Stopbits
  • RTS/CTS und XON/XOFF Flusskontrolle

WAGO terminal

  • Two terminals WAGO type 734
  • Industrial terminal for single cables
  • Optional: Adapter WAGO available on D-Sub
  • Optional adapters are available for sniffing RS232 D-Sub cable


  • WLAN: 802.11 b/g, security: WPA, WPA2, WEP
  • Outdoor range: max 250 m, indoor 30-50m
  • Infrastruktur mode: WLAN client + 'fixed AP'
  • Adhoc Mode: standard + 'mesh'
  • WPS (automatic 'one button' setup)
  • Typical data delay: about 3 ms

Mechanical data

  • Dimensions: 50 x 72 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 70 g
  • Protection class: none
  • Temperature range: -30 ° C to 85 ° C (check SD card for restriction)

Power supply

       Depending on the product version

  • D-Sub Version: Barrel connector and D-Sub
  • Wago Version: WAGO terminal
  • Cube Version: Crew terminal
  • Supply voltage: 6V - 32V
  • Consumption: approximately 0.5 to 2 W depending on product options
  • Buffered real-time clock internally (about 1 month)
Download (manuals and product flyer)

Product Flyer

 Produkt Flyer W25833 (pdf)

 Produkt Flyer C25833 (pdf)

 Produkt Flyer W2R933 (pdf)

User Manual

User documentation to get the products up and running, find information on predefined application ("Scripts"), interface layout.

 Avisaro Serie 2 User Manual (DE).pdf

Technical User Manual (ENG)

All the technical details. Electrical and mechanical information. Introduction into user modes.

 Avisaro Serie 2 Technical User Manual (ENG).pdf

Further documentation

More documentation can be found <here> 
(Support > Download)

Predefined scripts (application apps)

WR3: 2xRS232 via WLAN

All data from two RS232 interfaces are transmitted via two TCP connections. This allows to transfer data from two RS232 to one or two PC's wirelessly. A 'virtual' serial port is installed on the PC.<here ...>

Scripts ("Apps") - Overview

Avisaro provides a collection of ready-to-use scripts. Please remind, that not all scripts are for all devices. Find the overview <here ...>
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