Data Logger with RS232 and optional LAN


This data logger stores records of two independent RS232 ports on an SD card. The device is delivered ready for use. The data logger has a real time clock, so that the records can be provided with the storage time. By changing the script, the device can be programmed.

The Avisaro data logger 2x RS232 saves your technical data of two RS-232 interfaces to the SD card

  • Data input via two RS232 interface
  • Additional functions: time stamp etc. possible
  • Storage in infinite loop possible
  • Recording format freely definable (binary, ASCII)
  • Eavesdropping ('sniff') of bi-directionaler communication (Rx and Tx) possible
  • Optional: WiFi or LAN to retrieve the data on (wireless) network



Version with LAN


Part numbers

Part no. M25833 RS232 Logger for SD cards (link: <shop>)

Part no. M2R933 RS232 Logger for SD cards, 1x RS232 (WAGO) and 1x LAN interface (link: <<shop>)

Technical details

RS232 interface

  • Industry standard RS232 interface(s)
  • Baud rate 1200 bit/s to 1 Mbit/s
  • Average processing rate max. 500 kbit / s
  • 7/8 data bits, parity, stop bits
  • RTS / CTS and XON / XOFF flow control

WAGO terminal

  • Two terminals WAGO type 734
  • Industrial terminal for single cables
  • Optional: Adapter WAGO available on D-Sub
  • Optional adapters are available for sniffing RS232 D-Sub cable

Storage medium (SD cards)

  • Card slot for SD and SDHC cards up to 16 GB
  • Almost all brand manufacturers
  • FAT32 file system, short (8.3) file name
  • Files directly readable on PC

Mechanical data

  • Dimensions: 50 x 72 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 70 g
  • Protection class: none
  • Temperature range: -30 ° C to 85 ° C (check SD card for restriction)

Power supply

       Depending on the product version

  • D-Sub Version: Barrel connector and D-Sub
  • Wago Version: WAGO terminal
  • Cube Version: Crew terminal
  • Supply voltage: 6V - 32V
  • Consumption: approximately 0.5 to 2 W depending on product options
  • Buffered real-time clock internally (about 1 month)

Support, manuals and downloads

User Manual

User documentation to get the products up and running, find information on predefined application ("Scripts"), interface layout.

 Avisaro Serie 2 User Manual (DE).pdf

Technical User Manual (ENG)

All the technical details. Electrical and mechanical information. Introduction into user modes.

 Avisaro Serie 2 Technical User Manual (ENG).pdf

Further documentation

More documentation can be found <here> 
(Support > Download)

Scripts ("Apps") - Overview

Avisaro provides a collection of ready-to-use scripts. Please remind, that not all scripts are for all devices. Find the overview <here ...>

Options and accessories

DIN Rail fittingAGO cage clamp
Pre-mounted DIN rail fitting if ordered along with the products. Part# Z4911. <more>

WAGO cage clamp
Matching socket to connect wireing, part# CON0131. <more>

SD memory card

SD card, 8 GByte. Brand-name product (SanDisk, or similar). Part no: Z0988. <more>

Power supply wall plug
9V, 5W power supply with European plug, part# Z5112. <more>

Overview of all accessories and extensions
For all Avisaro products "2.0 Series". <more>

Application examples

Record data from an RS232 interface to local storage
Store data to USB stick in text or binary format <more>

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