Mobile data (GPRS, SMS) connection

With this optional GPRS modem, the Avisaro 2.0 data logger cubes are connected to the mobil data service. Stored data can be uploaded wirelessly to a FTP server in the internet or text messages (SMS) can be send out.

The GPRS modem is a 'quad band' version, ready to operate in Europe, USA and most of the world. The antenna is build into the device - this is more robust and avoids curiousity of an visible antenna. Optionally, an connected for external antenna can be provided.

Product Flyer

A brief product overview (all interfaces):

 Product Flyer G2x766 (pdf)


Product versions G21766 - RS232 interface G23766 - CAN Bus interface G22766 - RS485 Bus interface G27766 - 2x 4..20 mA interface

Shipped without a mobile data plan and without SIM card.

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