Avisaro Data Conversion Utility

This software utility provides data conversion and analysis capability:

  • GPS Data
    • Creates Google Earth (KML) files 
    • Combines GPS positions with CAN data to generate localised views
  • CAN Data
    • Change format from Avisaro to CANalyzer storage
  • RS232 Data
    • Combine GPS position with logged data
  • RSSI Signal strength
    • For supported devices, the signal strength and GPS position are combined to generate a Google Earth map file

Software is free of charge when used with Avisaro products.

Installer instructions

At this point, the setup-up program does not carry a valid signature. Hence, some browser will block the execution. If you trust us - we sure you do - you can ignore those warnings:

Example Internet Explorer:

1) Click on download link above

2) Internet Explorer puts out a warning. Click on "more informaion"

3) Internet Explorer gives you the option to proceed.

Release Notes

2016-04-08 / Version 1.2

  • Fixed: Writing CAN output files were separated into multiple files if input file showed short payloads

2014-12-15 / Version 0.9

  • Added: For supported devices - read in RSSI signal strength values and combine them with GPS position data. Output data is a Google Earth file

2014-10-30 / Version 0.8

  • Added: Flag allows to change initial time for CANalyzer export to be zero or absolute time since 1970
  • Added: More statistic information on analyzing CAN log files (such as average transfer rate and file size)

2014-10-17 / Version 0.7

  • Fixed: Windows XP issue when opening CAN files
  • Added: Flags to create new CANalyzer files each time the original log files show a new power on and/or each time the original log file shows a new date
  • Changed: If the automatically generated output file allready exists, new data gets appended (old version did overwrite old data)

2014-10-09 / Version 0.5

  • Initial pre-release
  • Conversion of Avisaro CAN format to CANanalyzer (Vector) format
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