Serie 2.0 - Firmware Versions

Avisaro products are shipped with an installed firmware. Only in rare cases a firmware update might be needed. We strongly recommend to perform a firmware update only if realy needed.

For all Avisaro 2.0 Serie products.

Upate process is documented in the "Avisaro 2.0 Serie Technical User Manual":

Technical User Manual (ENG)

All the technical details. Electrical and mechanical information. Introduction into user modes.

 Avisaro Serie 2 Technical User Manual (ENG).pdf

Firmware - current version

Version vx6.24 (227.8 KiB)


  • Fixed: Issue with hardware flowcontrol on primary RS232
Firmware - previous versions

Version vx6.23 (227.1 KiB)


  • Improved: GSM/GRPS connection speed
  • Fixed: CAN Baudrate of 800 kbit/s

Version vx6.20 (226.3 KiB)


  • Changed: FTP / Web with longer timeouts for slow networks
  • Added: DHCP allows all 0 mask
  • Fixed: DHCP IDs are randomly assigned 

Version vx6.17 (226.7 KiB)


  • Changed: Outputs to console are made even if script is running
  • Fixed: DHCP server uses same subnet maks and ip as module
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