RS232 "Sniffer" Interface

This add-on unit to the Avisaro 2x RS232 Data Logger allows to record data from a RS232 interface without interfering with it.

Rx and Tx line of the original connection are recorded in a table format together with a timestamp. The output format is readable in an ASCII format at any PC.

This unit is passive - the original RS232 interface simply passes through this sniffer box. Regular 9 pol D-Sub connector can be used or cable clamp connectors (WAGO) for single wires.

Sale only together with Avisaro Data Logger Box M25833.


(Picture shows Sniffer and Data Logger) 



Product versions

Art.No. Z3500 (link: <Shop>)


Download (manuals and product flyer)

User Manual

User documentation to get the products up and running, find information on predefined application ("Scripts"), interface layout.

 Avisaro Serie 2 User Manual (DE).pdf

Further documentation

More documentation can be found <here> 
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