Serie 2.0 Firmware versions

The products are delivered with Avisaro firmware. In rare cases, it may be necessary to execute a firmware update. We expressly recommend an update only when it is necessary.

For all Avisaro 2.0 series products.

The update procedure is available in the document "Avisaro 2.0 Series Technical User Manual" described:

Technical User Manual (ENG)

Technical User Manual (ENG) (1.3 MiB)



Firmware - current version

Version vx6.30 (227.1 KiB)


  • Fixed: Flash Access Timing to avoid heat problem
  • Fixed: Rare data loss when TCP connection was closed prematurely
  • Added: Command time sec since 1970
  • Changed: unnecessary debug output for modem

Firmware - previous versions

Version vx6.24 (227.8 KiB)


  • Fixed: Issue with hardware flowcontrol on primary RS232

Version vx6.23 (227.1 KiB)


  • Improved: GSM/GRPS connection speed
  • Fixed: CAN Baudrate of 800 kbit/s

Version vx6.20 (226.3 KiB)


  • Changed: FTP / Web with longer timeouts for slow networks
  • Added: DHCP allows all 0 mask
  • Fixed: DHCP IDs are randomly assigned 

Version vx6.17 (226.7 KiB)


  • Changed: Outputs to console are made even if script is running
  • Fixed: DHCP server uses same subnet maks and ip as module
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