RS485 Data logger with WiFi, UMTS/LTE and IP64 enclosure

This data logger stores data records from an RS485 interface on USB storage media. The device is delivered ready to use. The data logger is equipped with a real-time clock, so that the data sets can be additionally provided with the storage time. The data logger has either a PG screw connection or M8 sockets.

The data can be automatically uploaded to an FTP server on the Internet via the built-in mobile radio modem (LTE or UMTS).

  • Data input via RS485 bus interface
  • Additional functions: Time stamp etc.
  • Data upload to FTP via mobile phone
  • Storage in endless loop possible
  • Recording format freely definable (binary, ASCII)

Part numbers

Part no: M42077: Data logger with RS485 bus on gable glands through PG screw connection

Part no: C42077: Data logger with WiFi and RS485 bus on gable glands through PG screw connection

Part no: G42077: Data logger with WiFi, UMTS/LTE modem and RS485 on gable glands through PG screw connection

Part no: G42087: Data logger with WiFi, UMTS/LTE modem and RS485 on M8 connectors

Scope of delivery: Data logger, no SIM card, no USB memory stick for selected models: WiFi / mobile data modem, 

Technical details

RS485 / RS422 Schnittstelle

  • Industry standard RS485 bus
  • Baudrate 1200 bit/s to 1 Mbit/s
  • Average effective data rate 500 kbit/s
  • 7/8 Data bits, parity, stop bits

Cable terminals

  • Water and dust resistant cable gland
  • Screw terminals for cable ends



Storage medium (USB sticks)

  • Slot for USB memory up to 512 GB
  • All brands possible
  • FAT32 file system, short (8.3) file names
  • Files can be read directly on the PC


Mechanical data

  • Measurements: 141 x 80 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 270 g
  • Ingress protection: IP66
  • USB stick and mobile data modem internally
  • Temperature: -30°C to 85°C (check memory stick for restrictions)

Mobile data (UMTS/LTE)

  • LTE / UMTS modem with WiFi bridge
  • For European networks, optional US networks
  • Integrated antenna
  • Regular sized SIM cards (not included)

Power Supply

  • D-Sub version:  Barrel connector and optional D-Sub
  • Wago version: WAGO terminal
  • "Silver" Version: Screw type terminal
  • Supply voltage: 6V - 32V
  • Consumption: approx. 0.5 bis 2 W depending on product options
  • Buffered real-time-clock with build-in battery

Support, manuals and downloads

User manual
Comprehensive documentation for setup, configuration, pin layout: Avisaro 4.0 user manual (pdf)

Application examples

Record data (CAN, RS232, analog, ...) and upload to FTP server
Store operating data from various interfaces locally on a USB stick and periodically upload them automatically to an FTP server on the Internet. <more>

Options and accessories

Industrial grade USB stick
SLC memory, 4 GB, extended temperature, part#: Z0690. <more>

Option: Acceleration and Gyro sensor (IMU)
Internal 6 degree of freedom (6 DGOF) MEMs sensor. Part# E4P1A1. <more>

Internal GPS Receiver
Internal GPS/GNSS receiver module with integrated antenna. Part#: Z23011. <more>

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