Series 4.0 - Firmware

The Avisaro products are shipped with firmware installed. In rare cases, it may be necessary to perform a firmware update. We strongly advise you to update only if necessary.

There are three update paths:

  • Via USB Stick: Unpack the zip file. Copy the file 'avi40up.bin' to a USB stick and insert the stick. After approx. 5 seconds, the LED flashes white and indicates the update process. After approx. 15 seconds, the logger automatically switches to the normal operating state and the LED lights up as usual. 

    Never interrupt a running update - this can lead to the defect of the logger.

  • Via PC Software: Connect the logger to the PC and use the "Avisaro PC Companion Software". Via the menu item "Firmware Update" the file 'avi40up.bin' can be transferred to the logger. Then click on 'Do Update'. The logger flashes white briefly and then returns to normal mode.
  • Via Remote Update: For loggers with cloud or FTP connection, an update can be made via the Internet. Ask us for details.
Firmware - current version



  • Fixed: FTP Upload behaviour (broken in version 2.47)
  • Added: New file behaviour 'at eacht event'
  • Added: Cloud service "Store and Collect"
  • Added: Flexible RS232 prefix formatting
  • Changed: Reboot at midnight with FTP upload activated


Recommended update

  • WiFi 5.5.0 Firmware update package
Firmware - DRAFT version

FW40 2.51 - DRAFT

v (226.3 KiB)



  • Added: Flexible RS232 prefix formatting - port 2
  • Changed: CAN Bus timing for 40kBit/s (sampling at 60%)
  • Changed: TCP Keep Alive interval to 60sec
  • Added: direct PDF file format generation (2nd extension)
  • Added: Scale CAN interface(2nd extension)
  • Added: File system sync time modifiable

Recommended "PC Companion" version: 2.51 DRAFT

Firmware - previous versions

FW40 2.46 Draft

v 2.46 DRAFT (219.2 KiB)



  • Added: RTS flow control on RS232-1
  • Changed: CAN Display control
  • Changed: FTP upload behaviour to work more robust with Windows 2016 FTP server



  • Fixed: File info update in high load applications



  • Added: File policy "New file every hour with ring buffer"
  • Fixed: Cloud FTP Upload
  • Fixed: Better handling of USB3 memory sticks
  • Added: customer specific features
  • Added: Reset to default
  • Added: GPS time zone setting
  • Added: GPS sample interval setting



  • Added: customer specific features



  • Added: "mA to value" conversion
  • Fix: naming of 'new file' every start-up



  • Added: RS232 Hex storage
  • Added: external IMU
  • Added: Single CAN ID filter with individual interval
  • Added: Higher CAN millisecond resolution 
  • Fixed: CAN port numbering and config issue
  • Fixed: ADC startup behavior
  • Fixed: UART high speed behaviour
  • Customer specific changes



  • Added: CAN storage format for CANalyzer (R)Vector, modified
  • Fixed: CAN CSV missing DLC info
  • Added: 0..10V profile for text output and ADC settings
  • Customer specific changes



  • Added: 2nd ADC support
  • Added: FTP upload support for "every day new file" policy
  • Added: Ethernet configuration (use "PC Companion 2.18")
  • Changed: Analog buffer disabled for more robustness 



  • Added: customer specific functions
  • Changed: TCP IP stack version upgrade
  • Added: individual settings for 2nd CAN
  • Added: settings for file naming policies



  • Changed: customer specific data format and math calculation
  • Changed: msec timer for CAN messages in text format
  • Fixed: CAN bus error recovery
  • Fixed: customer specific command file



  • Adds: fast CAN data forwarding to TCP and UDP
  • Adds: CAN statistic counter
  • Fixed: Multiple CAN messages in one network packet
  • Adds: LED feedback on TCP connection ('filesystem' not enabled)
  • Adds: Custom MAC for wireless interface
  • Adds: Customer specific functions
  • Changed: $CAN1, $CAN2 header in file
  • Adds: 'reset to default' feature from PC companion

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