Record data from a CAN bus

The Avisaro data logger can record almost any data from a CAN bus. These are formatted as text file, or stored in a binary file format. The CAN messages are provided with a time stamp. The file can then be read and processed on a PC.

The data loggers are designed for industrial use. Start automatically after a power failure, running for years without any user action, are robust to shocks and dirt.

Data source can be an industrial controller, a car vehicle bus or similar. For further processing usually is a simple text editor, Microsoft Excel or other standard PC software.

"2.0 Box": 1x CAN with D-Sub
One CAN interface on a standard male D-Sub. <more>

"2.0 Box": 2x CAN on cage clamps
Two independent CAN on WAGO clamps for single wires. <more>

"2.0 Cube": 1x CAN, IP66
Water and dust protected enclosure with screwed cable glands. <more>

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