Serie 2.0: WiFi products

The Avisaro industrial wireless products have been designed to transfer data from one machine or a sensor wireless. Wi-Fi has gained acceptance as a wireless technology. Avisaro uses this technology so that it will also industrial requirements.

In particular, the implementation of interfaces such as RS232, CAN, RS485 and 4 .. 20mA to wireless afford the products of Avisaro. The data on a conventional TCP or UDP / IP data transmission will be implemented. Thus, standard wireless components can began, for example, to allow transmission through a company network or through the Internet.

In various combinations are available:


The serial connection for sensors, printers, ...

The bus interface for industry and automotive

Industrial bus system, often with Modbus protocol

4..20 mA
Analog current loop sensors


Enclosure "Box":
DIN rail fitting optional.

Enclosure "Cube":
For harsh environments, water and dust resistant.


"D-Sub" connector:
9-pin 'male' connector with standard pin assignment.

"WAGO" terminal:
6-pin socket with single wire clamp.

"Screw terminals" : Rugged screw terminal block for lead wires.

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