Data logger with RS232 interface

"4.0 Sky": 1x RS232 with D-Sub
One RS232 interface with regular D-Sub connector. <Shop>

"4.0 Sky": 2x RS232
Two independent RS232 interfaes on WAGO clamps. <Shop>

"4.0 Shell": 1x RS232, mobile data, WiFi, IP66
The versatile logger in a robust enclosure. <more>

"4.0 Silver": 1x RS232, IP66
RS232 interface in protected housing. 

"2.0 Box": 1x RS232 with D-Sub
One fully populated interface on a male D-Sub. <more>

"2.0 Box": 2x RS232 on Clamp
Two independent RS232 on WAGO Clamps for wires. <more>

"2.0 Cube": 1x RS232, IP66
Water and dust protected enclosure with screwed cable glands. <more>


Mobile data modem (UMTS/LTE) extension
Extension for "4.0 Sky" products (requires WiFi version). Part no. E4P3A4 / Z45213. <more>

Option: Acceleration and Gyro sensor (IMU)
Internal 6 degree of freedom (6 DGOF) MEMs sensor. Part# E4P1A1. <more>

Overview accessories and extensions
For all products series 4.0 and 2.0. <more>

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