Product variety to match your application

Our product selection is as diverse as your applications.

Product families

"Series 4.0": Performance and ease of use

With the modern 4.0 series those functions that you need for your application are configured. A powerful architecture which can be extended with modules (e.g. WiFi).

"Series 2.0": Compact and flexible

The established 2.0 family can be adapted to the planned application by a simple script language. Ready-made scripts 'off the shelf' are available.

Enclosure options

"Sky": Stackable

"Shell": Versatile, IP6x

"Silver": Compact, IP6x








"2.0 Box": Compact

"2.0 Cube": IP6x

Interfaces and connectors

D-Sub Connector

WAGO Cage Clamp

Screw type

M8 Connector/Plug

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