Record data from an RS232 interface

The Avisaro data loggers can record any data from an RS232 interface. This data is stored as it is, or specially formatted, e.g. with time stamp, and written to a file. This file can then be read and processed on a PC.


Data source can be e.g:

  • Industrial control ( PLC )
  • Inverter for solar systems
  • Air conditioning systems (operational monitoring)
  • RFID readers, motion sensors ("XSense")

The Avisaro data logger works autonomously for months or years. This means that the logger starts automatically after a power failure, a new log file is created every day or every hour, up to the "ring memory" where old data is automatically deleted when the memory stick becomes full. The data loggers are designed for industrial use. A wide range for the power supply, no moving parts like fans and a wide temperature range are a matter of course.

Data retrival

There are several ways to transfer the stored RS232 data:

  • via USB stick: The data on the USB stick can be read immediately on the PC - a normal FAT32 file system is used
  • via WLAN: In versions with WLAN, the data can be downloaded wirelessly via FTP, or actively uploaded to an FTP or MQTT server via WLAN
  • via mobile radio: With the version with mobile radio, the data can be loaded independently to an FTP or MQTT server

Data analysis

The evaluation on the PC depends on the data read in. In very many cases text data are transmitted. This data can be opened directly in a text editor, and often imported directly into Excel or similar programs.

Binary data are usually read in and evaluated by application-specific software.

A frequently used evaluation program is also MatLab, especially for scientific data.

Matching products

Avisaro "4.0 Series" products

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"4.0 Silver": 1x RS232, IP66
RS232 interface in protected housing. 

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"2.0 Box": 2x RS232 on Clamp
Two independent RS232 on WAGO Clamps for wires. <more>

"2.0 Cube": 1x RS232, IP66
Water and dust protected enclosure with screwed cable glands. <more>

Details of operation

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