Record data from an RS485 or RS422 bus

The Avisaro data logger can record any data from an RS485 bus. These are so-as-they-or specially formatted, written eg with a time stamp to a file. This file can then be read and processed on a PC.

The data loggers are designed for industrial use. Start automatically after a power failure, running for years without any user action, are robust to shocks and dirt.

Data source can be a sensor, an industrial controller (PLC), an RFID reader or the like. The data may be text data (ASCII), or binary data. For further processing usually is a simple text editor, Microsoft Excel or other standard PC software.

The logger can be passively on the bus, or actively send data to, for example, a sensor query. This can be a proprit√§res data format or a standard protocol (Modbus RT).

Suitable products

2x RS485 on clamps
Two independent RS485 interfaces on WAGO clamps for wires. <more>

1x RS485, IP66
Water and dust protected enclosure with screwed cable glands.<more>

Options (depending on product):

Option: Timestamp

By loading another script data can be marked with a leading timestamp. The loggers have built a battery-backed real-time clock. So each event is logged on the exact time. Documentation "Scripts": <more> ...

Option: Circular buffer

Memory cards with x GByte capacity are enough for months or years of data recording. Still - when the memory card is full, one way is to use a circular buffer system to keep on recording data. This gurantees that at least the most current information is stored on disk.

In detail: The data are stored in files by example 10 MB (configurable) stored. With a 4 Gbytes storage medium, this means that 399 files are created. First, the first file will be deleted to provide sufficient space for the 400'ste file. Thus, the ring buffer works 'blocks'.

Option: Active querying sensors

The Avisaro 2.0 Data logger series can "Scripts", which are simple small programs that can be freely programmed. These programs may also cover expenditure generated. Must be a sensor that is actively queried - eg by sending a control sequence - this is possible.

The dialogue about protocols with a plant is possible. Need plants for example, Confirmation signals, keep-alives or acknowledgments, these can be generated by programming the logger.

Retrieve recorded data (Memory card, Wi-Fi, LAN, GSM/GPRS)

To access the recorded data several ways to do this:

  1. Reading the memory card on a PC. The data is recorded to the PC FAT32 file system - ie Linux PC can be read directly on any Windows , Mac and Linux PC.
  2. For most products, there is a version with Wi-Fi module. So that the data can be accessed wirelessly , without the memory card must be removed . Access is via FTP - which is already available in all PCs (Explorer) . The data logger will look like a network drive.
  3. For some products , a LAN connection is available - you can also access the stored data.
  4. For some products, a GSM / GPRS module is available . In order to upload the data to an FTP server on the Internet , the logger after a predetermined time schedule or Ereigniss . The access from the outside to the logger is not possible in most cellular networks.
  5. The active uploading data to an FTP server on the Internet is also possible for both wired and wireless versions . Thus, e.g. a test vehicle when returning to the car park actively upload the data to the central computer.
Customized product version

The data loggers are developed by the Avisaro AG in the house and produced. Therefore, we can also make modifications, both to the hardware, as well as to the software.

Please contact us with your ideas. <more>

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