Collect, store and forward data from machines and sensors

Data from air conditioning systems, solar systems, vehicles (cars, trucks), weather stations, sensors, ... are stored locally on USB sticks or SD cards or forwarded to a server via WLAN/LAN/mobile radio
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Powerful, compact and inexpensive data loggers and IOT gateways

The AIIA technology ("Avisaro Industrial Information Architecture") has been specially developed for industrial needs. No unnecessary overhead, but a slim design.


Forwarding: WLAN, LAN or mobile radio via FTP, MQTT or TCP/UDP

The data can be sent either as a 'live' data stream or as a file upload. In the local network or via the Internet.

Data sources: RS232, RS485, CAN, Analog (0..10V, 4..20mA)

Besides the pure interfaces, special protocols are also supported. Starting with the GPS receiver, acceleration sensors and special light spectrum sensors.


Storage: removable media (USB stick or SD card)

The data carriers can be removed and read directly on a PC. Text or binary formats can be configured.  



Analysis: open data formats and visualization tool

All data and transmission formats are documented. This makes it easy to evaluate your data - with your own tools, standard SW (Excel, MathLab, ...). On smartphones and tablets, for example, MQTT Apps help.

Ready to go products off the shelf and customer specific solutions

Our "ready-to-use" data loggers and gateways are suitable for many applications. We can implement project-specific requirements with our engineering team. "Made in Germany" and in use worldwide.
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