Replace protocol printer with electronic data recording

In many buildings, fire alarm control panels ("FACP") or hazard alarm control panels ("GMA") with log printers are used. SIEMENS systems are widely used - for example, the VC20 series and GMA.

Typically, events and alarms are logged on a paper printer. However, these log printers require a lot of effort, are fragile and the filing of the paper-based printouts is no longer up to date.

The solution

The data logger from Avisaro replaces the log printer. Instead of paper, the data is stored electronically on SD card. The data can thus be archived and processed more easily.

A special feature is that the Avisaro logger is adapted to the BMZ / GMA. The system continuously checks whether the printer is connected, whether paper is inserted, etc.. These security queries are now taken over by the Avisaro data logger.

Output example

The received data can be saved as RTF file with color information.

One file with matching time stamp is generated per day.

Matching products

"2.0 Box": 1x RS232 and LAN
One RS232 on WAGO Clamp and a LAN network interface. <more>

The data logger type Avisaro 2.0 Box "M2R933" is released for this application.

There is a special "Script" and predefined settings available for this application. This script and configuration file is available for applications within SIEMENS in the Siemens intranet.

Advanced functionality: network connection

The Avisaro data logger has a common network interface (LAN / Ethernet). This allows the locally stored data to be retrieved via a company network.

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