Deliver data to your local desktop from world wide sources

Avisaro devices can collect data from various sources and transport them to your desktop. Those data could come from a sensor or a control unit, build into a container ship, a dump truck, or a stationary machine on a factory floor.

Data are used for predictive maintenance, to control operation, generate billing, remote machine control.

All data operations are fully automated - data recording, transport over the Internet and copy to the local desktop. No user interaction is necessary. As local data backup within the Avisaro device is available, data can be retrieved simply by reading the USB stick.





Connecting Avisaro devices to the Internet

On-site in your dump truck, container ship or factory floor, the Avisaro data logger gets connected to the Internet. There are several ways for that:

  • WiFi or LAN: If Internet is available locally, it can also be used for the Aivsaro logger. Just like a regular laptop or handheld device, the Avisaro Logger can be connected using a wireless (WiFi) or wired (LAN) connection.
  • Mobile data: If no local Internet is available, most Avisaro loggers can be equipped with a mobile data interface. A regular mobile data plan ('SIM' card) can be used to connect to the Internet.

Avisaro devices are used to be operated in harsh environments. I.e. if Internet connection is lost for a while, data are stored locally until they can be transferred. Thus, even in a desert or trans-ocean, data integrity is given.

Data are stored on a FTP server. Avisaro provides a suitable service "ready to go". A regular FTP server hosted by your company IT can be used as well.

sFTP Host Service
Store data on a FTP server in the internet.
Optimized for data logger applications and run by Avisaro AG. <more>

Synchronize data to local desktop and process automatically

Do you want to have your data locally on your desktop PC ? Nor problem. Avisaro provides free-of-charge "PC Dashboard" software to automatically synchronize your data stored on the FTP server with your desktop. Fully automated, all data 'magically' show up in a folder on your local drive. Just like you are used to from other Cloud Services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Typically you find data separated into files, per hour one file. The file names contain a timestamp. The content of the file depends on the sensor, control unit, etc. the Avisaro device is connected to. This can be a comma separated text file (CSV) or a binary file.

Whether or not you need to process the data depends very much on your project. Talk to us !
In the example shown to the right, the current position of a device is shown in a map. Just as well, data of a sensor can be displayed in a graph or statistics can be calculated. Project specific modules can be provided by Avisaro for a reasonable engineering fee.

A lot of customers are already happy with the raw data. I.e. if your sensor generates text based data, those are directly stored in the files found on your local drive. Microsoft EXCEL is a commonly used tool to process some data, MathLab and similar tools can also be used.

PC (Windows) Dashboard Software
For data handling and visualization. <more>

Recommended Avisaro products

Suitable products depend on your application. Avisaro provides a wide range of products for digital and analog interfaces. Please find below only a selection - contact us to find the one with the right interface.

"4.0 Sky": 1x RS232 with D-Sub
One RS232 interface with regular D-Sub connector. <Shop>

"4.0 Silver": 1x RS232, IP66
RS232 interface in protected housing. 

"4.0 Shell": 1x RS232, mobile data, WiFi, IP66
The versatile logger in a robust enclosure. <more>

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