Create more value by recording and networking of industrial data

The Avisaro data loggers and Cloud / IoT Gateways are designed to record and forward data from an industrial interface. The simple recording of an RS232 interface is possible as well as the transfer via MQTT Broker and uploading to FTP servers. Widely used interfaces such as RS232, RS485, CAN, 4..20mA, 0..10V are supported.

Examples "data logging"

Record machine data from an RS232 interface
Digitally record operating data from an air conditioner, inverter or environmental sensor via an RS232 interface. <more>

Periodically polling systems and sensors by command
Polling commands for a PLC, air conditioner or sensors etc. can be sent periodically to continuously record operating data. <more>

Further "Recording data, Data logging, ..." examples
Store data on site // Removable storage media // Variety: time stamp, ring buffer, ..., // Option: network via LAN / WLAN // Option: MQTT and FTP. <more>

Examples "IoT/M2M, transferring data"

Record data (CAN, RS232, analog, ...) and upload to FTP server
Store operating data from various interfaces locally on a USB stick and periodically upload them automatically to an FTP server on the Internet. <more>

Transfer CAN bus data to an tablet or mobile phone
Wireless transmission of operating data from a CAN bus to a mobile device <more>

Further examples for "transferring data"
Networking data online // 'Live' data stream // via WLAN / LAN / mobile radio // via FTP / MQTT / raw TCP-IP // Option: save on site // Option: time-delayed forwarding <more>

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