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Tailor-made solutions


acceleration (MEMS, gyroscope) | magnetic field (Hall) | air pressure | temperature | ultrasound | structure-borne sound (geophones)

GPS receiver

A GPS receiver can be used for location, time reference (atomic clock), altimeter and speed indication.

Mobile radio, IoT, M2M

With a mobile radio modem (UMTS, G3, G4) you can..: exchange data via MQTT, FTP upload, HTTP post/get, TCP connection. 

Contract development

System architecture

Designing the right architecture is critical to success. We can capture and structure complex issues and deliver the right solution from a wide range of possible tools.

Client-Server, IOT and M2M

If machines, devices, motors, systems, etc. should communicate with each other (M2M) or with a PC / handheld (client / server), then we know how to do it.

Embedded Hardware

Design and layout of PCBs | Selection of components (microprocessors) | Digital circuits | Analog inputs / outputs.


Embedded Software

Programming ARM (ST: STM32, NXP: LPC), MSP430 Microprocessors in C. 

Prototypes and small series

We can produce small series and individual pieces quickly with our own in-house electronics production. Matching housings are machined on our own CNC milling machine.

Volume series

We implement large quantities with our experienced team of external service providers and contract manufacturers. We provide the right logistics for the delivery of products and the processing of payment transactions.

CNC milling

Housing customizing for small series are professionally machined in-house with our own CNC milling machine.

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