Accessories for Avisaro data logger "Series 2.0"

SD memory card

SD card, 8 GByte. Brand name product (SanDisk or similar). Temperature grade: consumer

Part no. Z0988  

For all Avisaro products "2.0 Series"

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Internal GPS/GNSS receiver

Internal GPS/GNSS receiver with build-in antenna. To determine location, speed, altitude and the position of the time.

Part no. Z23011  

For Avisaro products "4.0 Shell" and "4.0 Silver", depending on product configuration

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DIN rail fitting (series 2.0, premounted)

Holder for DIN rail. Supplied pre-assembled when ordered simultaneously. Retrofitting possible.

Part no. Z4912  

For Avisaro products "2.0 Box", "2.0 Cube" and "4.0 Silver" Series

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Power supply

9V, 5W, DC wall plug power supply for 220V with Euro connector.

Part no. Z5112  

For all Avisaro products with barrel connector

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RS232 cable set with D-Sub

Cable set consisting of 1x null modem socket/socket and 1x 1:1 extension plug/socket 

Part no. Z2540  

For all Avisaro products with RS232 interface and D-Sub connector

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WAGO cage clamp

Matching connector for single cable wires. Solid connection, easy to use.

Part no. CON0131  

For all Avisaro products with WAGO interface

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