Data, not paper: printer replacement

With the products of Avisaro AG, they can replace a paper printer by a data logger. To obtain your data in electronic form - ideal for further evaluation and for easy storage.

In the simplest case, you get a text file in the exact same information is available, such as on your printout. Our data loggers are so flexible that the formatting and filtering of the data - can be customized - if necessary.

For further processing of the data on a PC usually is a simple text editor, Microsoft Excel or other standard PC software.

Common for printers in the industry are two interfaces - the parallel Centronics (IEEE 1284) or the RS232 interface. For both interfaces, the Avisaro AG offers a solution.

As an additional option the data via a WLAN or LAN interface can be read or be actively transmitted to a server.

Als zusätzliche Option können die Daten über einen WLAN oder LAN Schnittstelle ausgelesen oder aktiv an einen Server übertragen werden.


Suitable products

1x RS232 with D-Sub
One fully populated interface on a male D-Sub. <more>

Centronics Adapter
Connect a RS232 datalogger to a parallel printer port (Centronics / IEE 1284). <more>

Options (depending on product):

Option: Data formatting

The format of the data on the storage medium can vary depending on the printer type and mode of expression. On delivery, the data is stored without any change - usually this is the correct representation.

However Avisaro products can be adjusted so that the data is filtered and formatted. For example, are also colored "prints" as HTML or RTF file possible.

In general, all prints are continuously written to a file. This can also be adapted - for example, every day is a new file.

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Retrieve recorded data (Memory card, Wi-Fi, LAN, GSM/GPRS)

To access the recorded data several ways to do this:

  1. Reading the memory card on a PC. The data is recorded to the PC FAT32 file system - ie Linux PC can be read directly on any Windows , Mac and Linux PC.
  2. For most products, there is a version with Wi-Fi module. So that the data can be accessed wirelessly , without the memory card must be removed . Access is via FTP - which is already available in all PCs (Explorer) . The data logger will look like a network drive.
  3. For some products , a LAN connection is available - you can also access the stored data.
  4. For some products, a GSM / GPRS module is available . In order to upload the data to an FTP server on the Internet , the logger after a predetermined time schedule or Ereigniss . The access from the outside to the logger is not possible in most cellular networks.
  5. The active uploading data to an FTP server on the Internet is also possible for both wired and wireless versions . Thus, e.g. a test vehicle when returning to the car park actively upload the data to the central computer.
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