Serie 2.0: Data Logger Products

The Avisaro 2.0 Data logger family has been developed for the recording of data of an industrial port. The simple call recording an RS232 interface is equal extent possible, as the reading of a sensor and store the data in a desired format. About small programs, the loggers can be adapted to every requirement - for many applications they are already use 'off the shelf'. The loggers are available with many standard interfaces: RS232, RS485, CAN, 4 to 20 mA ....

In various combinations are available:


The serial connection for sensors, printers, ...

The bus interface for industry and automotive

Industrial bus system, often with Modbus protocol

The new universal sensor interface

4..20 mA
Analog current loop sensors

Microprocessor suitable interfaces


Enclosure "Box":
For SD memory cards, DIN rail fitting optional.

Enclosure "Box USB":
For USB memory sticks, DIN rail fitting optional.

Enclosure "Cube":
For harsh environments, water and dust resistant.

Version "Modul":
Embedded Solution.


"D-Sub" connector:
9-pin 'male' connector with standard pin assignment.

"WAGO" terminal:
6-pin socket with single wire clamp.

"Screw terminals" : Rugged screw terminal block for lead wires.

"Embedded socket":
Pin stripe connector with 2.54mm grid.

Data access / network access

Take out memory card and read data on PC.

Wireless access to data from PC, tablet or mobile device.

Network connection to retrieve data in corporate network.

Upload data to server or cloud using mobile network service.

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