Avisaro AG: Data Logger, IoT Gateways, Cloud Services and Visualization

Avisaro products are designed for machine data recording and networking in industrial environments.

Data Logger
Designed for recording industrial data. Available with a variety of industrial #interfaces, with a wide range of #connector options and #enclosure selection. Compact and robust devices for storing process data and operations data on removable USB flash drives.

IoT/M2M Gateways
Products for connecting industrial machinery and sensors. 'Live' data transmission or store & forward. "Machine to machine" or "machine to desktop" solutions. Available with a variety of industrial #interfaces, with a wide range of #connector options and #enclosure selection.


Cloud / Online Services
The sFTP and MQTT services are a perfect complement to Avisaro's data loggers and IoT/M2M gateways. Reliable server infrastructure, preconfigured and powerful.

Visualization Software
Avisaro Dashboard software enables the productive display of operating and sensor data. This applies to live data as well as to data collected on site on a USB stick.

Digital and analog interfaces and fieldbus systems

RS232, V24 interface
The widely used and well-known serial connection.
#RS232-Data logger

RS485 Bus
The serial bus for proprietary and Modbus data transmission.
#RS485-Data logger

The field bus system for industry and automotive.
#CAN-Data logger

Current loop 4..20mA
Analog current loop for sensors and automation.
#4..20mA Data logger
#4..20mA Gateway

Analog voltage 0..10V
Analog voltage measurement for sensors and automation.
#4..20mA Data logger
#4..20mA Gateway

Connector variations

D-Sub Connectors
The standard connector for RS232 and CAN bus with regular pin layout. 9-pin connector, male type.
#RS232-Data logger, #RS232-Gateway
#CAN-Data logger, #CAN-Gateway

WAGO cage clamp
6 pin Cage-Clamp with plug in terminal block for single wires. Available for RS232, RS485, CAN analog current interface 4..20mA, analog voltage source 0..10V.
#Data logger 

PG screw type
Watertight cable gland. Srew terminals for individual wires internally. For RS232, RS485, CAN, analog loop 4..20mA, analog voltage 0..10V.
#Data logger

M8 connector/plug
Robust industrial connector
#Data logger

Avisaro product families

"Series 4.0"
The state-of-the-art product series offers a wide range of functions with a simple setup. Data is stored locally on USB sticks. Networking and connection to the cloud is possible via WLAN, LAN or mobile radio. Sensors like GPS and acceleration can be integrated.
#Data logger

"Series 2.0"
This proven product series can be customized to the target application using simple scripts. Ready-to-use scripts are available for download. Data is stored on SD cards. Networking and cloud services via LAN and mobile data is possible.
#Data logger

Enclosure options

"4.0 Sky"
Stylish housing. Stackable housing concept allows flexible extensions. Din rail fittings optionally available.
#Data logger


"4.0 Shell"
Ruggedized and sealed enclosure. Storage medium (USB stick) as well as mobile data (LTE) positioned internally. Various connector selection via PG cable gland or M8 plug/socket.
#Data logger

"4.0 Silver"
Compact and weatherproof housing. Connection via PG cable gland or M12 socket/plug. Internal storage medium (USB stick)
#Data logger






"2.0 Box"
Compact housing with D-Sub socket or WAGO terminals for Series 2.0 family.
#Data logger

"2.0 Cube"
Waterproof IP6x enclosure for Avisaro 2.0 family. Internal storage medium (SD card).
#Data logger

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