RS232 bi-directional data logging ("sniffing")

The "sniffer" unit can be used to record the data of a RS232 interface used by two other devices. The sniffer is totally passive - the sniffer box contains wireing only. The Avisaro Data Logger is designed to connect directly to the Sniffer box. Both directions (Rx and Tx) are recorded as well as optional the hardware flow control lines.

All data is stored in a file as a table format - eaily read into Excel or any text editor. When used together with the Wi-Fi enabled Data Logger, a wireless access or streaming to the data is possible

Typical applications are:

  • Debugging of RS232 communication
  • Long term data logging of bi-directional stream
  • Re-engineering of data protocols
  • Wireless data stream 


Suitable products

"2.0 Box": 2x RS232 on Clamp
Two independent RS232 on WAGO Clamps for wires. <more>

RS232 Sniffer
Log bidirectional traffic. <more>

Options (depending on product):

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