Collect RS232 data and forward to FTP server

Data recorded by the Avisaro logger can be automatically uploaded to an FTP server via WLAN, LAN or mobile radio interface. This means that the data is always available promptly and automatically, without the need to manually retrieve the data carrier from the logger. The FTP server can be located on the Internet or in the local network. Thus, a worldwide data exchange is also possible.

Various data sources are supported. I.e:

  • Sensors with RS232 interface
  • Replacement for paper based printers
  • Operational data

The RS232 data is stored locally in the logger on a USB memory stick. Depending on the configuration, a new file is created every hour or every day. This file is then uploaded to the FTP server every hour or every day.

Data connections

To connect the data logger to the Internet or local network, several options are available

  • Wi-Fi
  • LAN
  • Mobil data

Recommended Avisaro products

"4.0 Sky": 1x RS232 with D-Sub
One RS232 interface with regular D-Sub connector. <Shop>

"4.0 Silver": 1x RS232, IP66
RS232 interface in protected housing. 

"4.0 Shell": 1x RS232, mobile data, WiFi, IP66
The versatile logger in a robust enclosure. <more>

FTP server infrastructure

Depending on the product, the loggers are delivered ready for use with a test access from Avisaro. This FTP access can be rented permanently from Avisaro, or you can set up your own. Standard FTP servers such as "FileZilla" servers can be used.

sFTP Host Service
Store data on a FTP server in the internet.
Optimized for data logger applications and run by Avisaro AG. <more>

Data handling and processing

The evaluation depends strongly on the application. In very many cases, however, the data are available in readable ASCII format - an evaluation in Excel or with own utilities is then simple. .

The Avisaro loggers offer the possibility to enrich the data e.g. with an automatically generated time stamp.

PC (Windows) Dashboard Software
For data handling and visualization. <more>

How it works

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