Extension: Mobile network (UMTS) Modem

This mobile network (UMTS) extension can be added to any 4.0 data logger with build-in Wifi (all "C..." models). Regular size SIM cards can be used - please check with you local carrier for those. 

As readily available UMTS to Wifi modems are used, it is easy to adjust to contry secific requirements. 


Use the mobile network extension for ...

  • Automated upload data to an FTP server in the internet
  • 'Live' data stream to customer specific server

(picture shows UMTS extension mounted on top of a 2x WAGO data logger)


Product versions

Art.Nr. E4P3A4 (link: <Shop>)

Scope of delivery: Extension incl. UMTS modem for most countries around the world. Please check with us for USA modem versions. Readily mounted and configured if ordered with the logger.


UMTS features

  • Frequencies:
  • SIM card size: regular
  • Modem off/on via software
Download (Manuals and product flyers)

Product Flyer
A short product family overview: Product flyer Avisaro 4.0 family (pdf)

User manual
Comprehensive documentation for setup, configuration, pin layout: Avisaro 4.0 user manual (pdf)

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